[Fukuichi] Shop where you can eat the most delicious authentic Korean food in Tsuruhashi Koreatown

Hello, this is wakame.
I often go to Koreatown in Tsuruhashi, Osaka. I don’t buy Korean goods, but I often go to Koreatown to buy Korean food.

There are many Korean goods stores, kimchi shops, butchers, etc. in Koreatown, but I always think there are relatively few restaurants.

Sometimes I try to enter a shop I don’t know, but it’s not good taste.

So I would like to introduce “Fukuichi” who is just a short walk from the main street of Koreatown.

A hideout Korean restaurant “Fukuichi” where many K-POP idols go in secret

When you enter the store, you will see a lot of famous store proofs and celebrity autographs.

“KARA”, which has been dissolved now,
After having a banquet at “Fukuichi” for the first time, every time there was a concert, the shop owner brought food to the dressing room.

In addition, many famous artists such as BIGBANG, a popular Korean artist group, and EXILE, which is popular in Japan, seem to be visiting.
There was also a sign of Korean actor “Ryu Siwon”!

Samgyeopsal is not the only recommended menu for “Fukuichi”!

This restaurant boasts authentic seafood made by omoni from Jeju Island, Korea.
Especially recommended are “Chijimi” with octopus, “Abalone rice bowl” with abalone, “Kangjang kejang” with soy sauce of crab crab, and “Sannatch”, a sashimi with long legs. This is because the above menus are hard to eat at other Korean restaurants.

A classic, thick “Samgyopsal”

Pork for 2 people. I have never seen such a thick Samgyeopsal in other stores.
Is it so thick that I can bite it? I was worried for a moment, but when I tried it, the meat was soft and I didn’t feel burdened at all. Conversely, if the meat is thin, it may become crunchy and hard!

Put the baked pork on top of the sangchu, put kimchi and choregi, and eat with miso! Masissoyo! ! !

Fukuichi’s most popular menu “Chijimi”

Did you imagine fluffy chijimi from this thick feeling?
Actually this Chijimi is a crunchy crispy Chijimi!

Chijimi that appears in any Korean restaurant is flat. However, Mr. Fukuichi’s Chijimi has a great volume. The ingredients inside are common, such as leek and carrot. And since the octopus is included, the seafood flavor drifts and is even more delicious! ! It seems to contain grated potatoes, but the chopsticks go on faster because they are not heavy.

“Abalone rice bowl” that you should definitely eat at “Fukuichi”

When I go on a trip to Korea, I eat abalone bowl, but I don’t hear much about abalone bowl in a Korean restaurant. Is it still expensive? Is it really difficult to cook? Contains plenty of natural abalone and ground abalone liver.

“Abalone rice cake” appears in a boiled state!
Abalone porridge takes about 30 minutes to cook, so you have to order it early.

It is too hot and the steam is amazing.

Please try “Kanjyan Kejang” with advance reservation!

I would like you to taste the crabs that have been soaked in soy sauce and aged for more than three days. This menu is hard to meet. wakame was brought home from Korea the other day by a sister-in-law who lives in Korea. Perfect for sake bottles.
Because of the cooking procedure, you have to make a reservation one week in advance, so make a reservation and go to the store.

How to make a reservation

Details of Fukuichi

Seasonal “Sannatchi” is also required

“Sannatch”, which can be eaten only from December to August, is recommended.
Sannatch is a long-sleeved octopus sashimi, eaten with sesame oil and salt. The octopus placed on the plate is sticking to the plate while twisting. When you put an octopus in your mouth, it dances in your mouth. Sesame oil and salt are exquisite and delicious.

Details of Fukuichi


Address5-8-3 Momodani, Ikuno-ku, Osaka
Business hoursMonday / Wednesday-Friday: 17: 00-23: 30
Sat / Sun / Holiday: 11: 30-23: 00
Regular holidayTuesday
Parking LotNo (There is a nearby coin parking)
Credit cardUsage prohibited
Inquiry 06-6712-0229

The atmosphere in the store

The first floor is the kitchen, and the seats are on the second floor.
Take your shoes off the back of the store and go up the stairs to the second floor.


I want to eat authentic Korean food! If you are thinking, please go.

Details of Fukuichi