How to experience Japanese conveyor belt sushi at home “Plarail Sushi”!

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Introducing “Plarail Sushi” that I enjoy with my kids at home because I want people living abroad to experience “Rotating Sushi” that is everywhere in Japan.

This is sushi sold at “Costco” in Japan. It’s so bargain that I buy it whenever I go to Costco.
It seems that sushi is not sold in Costco in the US, so let’s buy sushi at supermarkets.

At Costco in Japan, this sushi set costs 2,678 yen including tax. It is about $ 25 when converted into dollars. It’s almost the same price as Japanese conveyor belt sushi.
However, the thickness of ingredients is more than 1.5 times that of conveyor belt sushi. That’s why Costco sushi is good value.

Kinds of classic ingredients in Japan

  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Octopus
  • Scallop
  • Hamachi
  • The squid
  • Shrimp
  • egg
  • Negitro roll

After purchasing sushi, supper at home is “Plarail Sushi”

This is an evening meal that my kids will always be pleased with.

This time, we will use the famous “locomotive Thomas” plarail in Japan. A freight car is attached to the “locomotive Thomas”, and sushi is placed on it.

This time, James and Percy will run.

While I was serving sushi on a plate, I asked my kids to “Set up the Plarail” and would be happy to help me prepare the Plarail.

Plarail Sushi Restaurant opens!

Two wagons were installed on James and Percy, and sushi was placed on a small plate and switched on!

For a while after James and Percy started running, we were desperate to put the next sushi on a small plate!

Since the speed changes depending on the remaining battery level, it can be adjusted by increasing the number of wagons. If you use a new battery, it will become quite a “high-speed rotating sushi”. But it’s also fun.


Plarail sushi is sure to be a great excitement not only for kids but also for family gatherings and parties with friends. If you can’t get sushi easily, it is also fun to put fries, chicken, and sweets on top. Please try it at home!

Plarail can be purchased at Toys R Us.