Let’s Enjoy Universal Studios Japan’s Halloween Horror Night!

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Quoted from the Universal Studios Japan official site

Hello, I am a wakame, which operates a vacation rental accommodation in Osaka.

“Universal Studios Japan”, where most tourists visiting Osaka go, has a “Halloween Event” in the fall, which is very exciting.

At the Universal Studios where Halloween events are being held, it is customary to dress up and enjoy the studio. If you go to Universal Studios in the fall, dress up and have fun together!

Everyone’s masquerade at USJ on Twitter


The theme is circus.


It is popular for girls to wear cute costumes together.

There are many people with full-fledged zombie makeup.


I don’t know what the character is, but there are a lot of people who are wearing an eerie disguise anyway.

At 6 o’clock at night, a lot of zombies appear and are chased (event)

After 6pm, the zombie event begins when the sky becomes dark. A lot of zombies appear and are chased from somewhere. This is a real scary thing. Please note that children under the age of 6 are not allowed in the area depending on the content of the event.If you bring a small child in the area, you will not be strictly warned, but the child will be frightened.

At the end of the event, the zombies will dance. All the zombies are dancers. The purpose of the event is “Let’s enjoy dancing with zombies!”

Halloween costumes are in Don Quijote!

I think there is a Don Quijote near the accommodation where you will stay. Halloween costumes are sold there.You can purchase it for around 5000 JPY.In addition to costumes, special makeup goods are also displayed, so it’s fun just to watch!

Here is an article that lists the costumes sold at Don Quijote. please refer. There are many costumes that are not included in the article.