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“SAKUYALUMINA” taking a walk in Osaka Castle at night


“SAKUYALUMINA” is an event held in Osaka Castle Park.

What is Lumina Night Walk?

Moment Factory based in Montreal, Canada. Lumina Night Walk is a unique outdoor multimedia experience created by them.

Participants walk around the venue with their feet and enjoy an “immersive” space that is drawn into the world of the story. Following the birth of the first Lumina in Quebec, Canada in 2014, the Lumina Night Walk has spread to Japan and Singapore and has won numerous international awards.

Lumina Night Walk is characterized by an original story inspired by the local culture and beautiful nature. The fusion of fantastic sounds and lights, the latest interactive digital art, and beautiful nature moves beyond the boundaries of generations and languages.

A mysterious night walk that can only be experienced when the sun goes down. It will surely be a magical moment.


Participants walk along the shiny streets of this map.

There are various projection mapping devices on the way to the goal.

Finally, the smiles of all participants are projected on the city walls of Osaka Castle.

After finishing the goal, the staff will take pictures of the participants at the photo spot.

The staff will shoot at an angle that makes Osaka Castle look beautiful.

My kid is 3 years old, but I walked from start to finish. Even adults walk a little tired, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes when attending this event.

Please participate when you visit Osaka for sightseeing! There are special discounts on rainy days.

Detailed information of “SAKUYALUMINA”



SAKUYA LUMINA official website

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