Park with large playground equipment in Peace Memorial Park is recommended for traveling with children

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Every year, it was established by the ordinance of Okinawa
“ Memorial Day (June 23) ”
A memorial ceremony will be held in the Peace Memorial Park.

It is well known that there is a foundation of peace and many memorial towers in the Peace Memorial Park. Do you know the “Egg of Life” Square that was born in July 2017?

I think that it is a park that will surely please children, so I would like to introduce it.

Five zones: “Sea”, “Deep Sea”, “Sky”, “Island”, “Universal”

What is the most popular at the Children’s Square in the Okinawa Peace Memorial Park?

The square is roughly divided into five, and the most popular among them is the “Egg of Life” playground equipment in the main area. This place is very popular with children of all ages, from about 2 years old to the upper grades of elementary school.

Peace Memorial Park, Children’s Square, Egg of Life

The slide is especially popular.

There is always a line, and it seems also to be fun for adults who are sliding with small children.

I think that it is more enjoyable if you bring a “slide sledge” (a slid under the butt) that can be purchased at a hundred yen shop.

Peace Memorial Park Children’s Square

This egg-shaped playground equipment has three types of slides for small children. Each slide has a different slope and length, so you can enjoy it without getting bored.

The playground equipment shown on the right side of the photo is not only able to climb up and down, but also to enter and exit from places like tubes installed in places.

A comfortable place not only for children but also for adults

Peace Memorial Park, Children’s Square, Egg of Life

At the time of opening, the place where the slope of the lawn was maintained was changed to a wooden deck, and a large sunshade roof was installed.

Thanks to this, dads and moms with their children can sit here and take a break and watch over their children. This is a very important point.

I went on a sunny day in August right after opening, but I was wondering.

“The play equipment is not hot!”

Normally, parks such as midsummer days are dangerous because the temperature of the playground equipment becomes high, so children should not play with the playground equipment.

However, the playground equipment was not hot. However, it was midsummer so it was a little hot, but it wasn’t hot enough to burn.

Is the latest technology used? I don’t know.

Peace Memorial Park Children’s Square Trampoline

The adjacent area is the trampoline zone.

There are not many parks with trampolines in Japan.

There is a big trampoline in the foreground and a small trampoline in the back. A large trampoline has a roof and is popular with elementary school children.

Although it has a roof, the green mat on the edge of the trampoline gets very hot on hot summer days, so be careful!

An area for small children in the Okinawa Peace Memorial Park

Peace Memorial Park, Children’s Square, Egg of Life
Peace Memorial Park, Children’s Square, Egg of Life
Peace Memorial Park, Children’s Square, Egg of Life

Playthings for small children are low in height, and are about the eyes of adults, so it is easy to check the appearance of children.

There is also a normal slide, there is a big slide like the first one, and children are running around happily.

The sandbox is very large and it is safe because it is surrounded by a fence. There are tables and tools for playing games, and you can spend more than an hour here.

Designed for child safety

Not only in this small child zone, but also in all the egg areas of life, the ground around the play equipment is all cushion ground.

If you look at the playground equipment in the photo, you will notice that only the area around the playground equipment is colored ground.

This is a safety-conscious design. So I would like to go to a new park with this kind of consideration.

Even if a small child falls, there will be no serious injury. It is an important point as a parent.

Peace Memorial Park, Children’s Square, Egg of Life
Peace Memorial Park, Children’s Square, Egg of Life

This area is for a little big child, but even a small child is very happy when straddling a play equipment like this ball.

This playground equipment “just hanging over” wonders what is interesting from an adult, but my children were playing here for an hour.

Peace Memorial Park, Children’s Square, Egg of Life

In the spring season, there are many families with tents on the lawn.

The scene is often seen as “Grandpa and grandmother wait while relaxing in a tent, Daddy plays with the upper child and playground equipment, Mom plays with the lower child and sandbox”.

In Okinawa, there are many families with three or more children. So the park where both the upper and lower children can play together is very attractive.

Recently, tourists from China, South Korea, and the United States are also playing in this park.


● Toilet 🚻

There are multiple toilets and there are Western styles so don’t worry.

● Parking Lot 🅿️

There is a parking lot in front of the children’s square, but the number of cars that can be parked is small relative to the size of the square. So on holidays, everyone is parked in parallel along the plaza.

● Shop

Since there are no shops, we recommend that you buy lunch boxes at convenience stores and supermarkets.

There are vending machines.

Location / Access

Address〒901-0333, Mabuni, Itoman, Okinawa 901-0333
Utilization timeNo provision
Parking LotAvailable (free) North parking lot, 2nd parking lot
Admission feeFree
Contact informationOkinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Foundation

May your trip be a fun trip!