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I’m wakame, who operates a vacation rental accommodation in Osaka.

In order to entertain tourists coming to Japan, Coca-Cola has released colas with different packages for each region of Japan. I will introduce it because it is unique.

List of representative Coca-Cola designs

Quoted from Coca-Cola HP
  • 新潟(NIIGATA)
  • 湘南(SYONAN)
  • 飛騨(HIDA)
  • 大阪(OSAKA)
  • 博多(HAKATA)
  • 徳川(TOKUGAWA)

List of local designs throughout Japan

Quoted from Coca-Cola HP

The design is increasing sequentially.

I got the Osaka-designed Coca-Cola can where I live.

The design of Osaka is “Osaka Castle”.

It is a stylish shape with a 250ml drink size. The slim size makes it an ideal souvenir for family and friends.

In addition to local designs, there are cherry blossom designs in spring and autumn foliage designs, so please enjoy the designs that are on sale when you visit Japan.

Popular enough to be traded in Internet auctions

The regular price of this Coca-Cola bottle can is 125 JPY. (Excluding tax)

When you search for “limited bottles of Coca-Cola”, it is so popular that there are many product pages on the Internet auction site.
This is because even if you are in Japan, you cannot get a regional limited package without going to that area. There are so many bottle can designs that I can understand that they want to collect them.


When you visit Japan for sightseeing, look for a local design can. In addition to souvenir shops, they are sold at Don Quixote or Supermarket.

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