Recommended gourmet information around Osaka Namba -1-

OSAKA Tourist information

I am a wakame that operates accommodation in Osaka. I will introduce the gourmet around Namba, which is often asked by guests.

“Tempura Daikichi” where tempura is delicious

This store’s main store (Sakai store) was originally located in the fish market and is famous as a store where you can have a line even though it is open from midnight to 9:00 am.

This time we will introduce “Tempura Daikichi” (Namba store).

Inside the restaurant

There are about 10 counter seats and 10 table seats.

There are many celebrity signature colored papers on the counter seats.
In famous Japanese restaurants, celebrity signature colored paper is often displayed.

Four types of lunch menu

Menu A: Volume set  1,000 JPY

Shrimp, fish cake, conger, 2 items recommended today

Menu B : Shopkeeper recommended set 800 JPY

5 recommended items

Menu C : set of rice and tempura  800 JPY

2 shrimps, 2 sweet green pepper , pumpkin, 1 dish

Menu D : Ladies Set  800 JPY

Shrimp, maitake mushroom, seasoned cod roe , Yam, Pork Okra , salad

A refill is possible.
Clam miso soup or egg miso soup is included.
A side dish is included.

My recommendation is “B set”!

The ingredients of today’s tempura were “shrimp, fish cake, White-fleshed fish, okra, corn”.

At the top left of the photo is “dipping sauce” which adds tempura.
“dipping sauce” contains the seasoning “grated Japanese radish”.

The side dish in the upper right of the photo is the traditional Japanese food “Hijiki seaweed”.

I always have lunch at this restaurant whenever I come near here.
Outside of tempuraare crisp and very delicious.

Restaurant location

2-10-25 Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Osaka

It is in “Namba CITY”.


This restaurant is very popular, but there are not many foreign tourists. Probably because it is not featured in the guidebook. However, Osaka people love this restaurant. Please drop in when you visit Osaka.