“Seoul Music Bar” on Okinawa Kokusai Street with over 10,000 records

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Introducing the rare “Soul Music Bar” that I found when I returned to Okinawa.

Long-established store opened in 1990

I thought, “Is it a recent store?”, But it opened in 1990 and is the 29th anniversary this year. As the sign “Soul Bar” is written in the store, 70s soul music is playing.

A bar where you can enjoy not only drinking but also soul music

This is the entrance to the store on the 6th floor of the building.
I was hesitant to open the door for a moment because it was like an emergency door.
There is an indication that the card can be paid next to the entrance door of the shop, and it seems that it supports various credit cards.

Quoted from the internet
Quoted from the internet

It is a state in the store. It’s actually much darker.
There are counters and sofa seats in the store, which is relatively large.
The record is on the wall. According to rumors, there are 10,000 records. Powerful audio equipment!

Assuming that one frame of the record shelf is about 200, when counting the shelves, there were about 10,000!

Both clerk were silent, unfriendly and silently playing their roles. There are few types of liquor, but there are basic alcohols. Wakame, who cannot drink, wanted to order a non-alcoholic cocktail, but there was no such a stylish drink. So I ordered a cola.

The coaster is the same record as the shop signboard. I felt a commitment everywhere in the store.

There are two shop assistants, but one person has always been selecting records and touching them. What I thought was amazing is that the store clerk probably knows which record is on which side. Among these 10,000 records.
When a store clerk selects a record, he looks for the record he wants to play with a flashlight. Well, it should be in a certain alphabetical order, but it is fast to find.

Requests are also accepted, so please request if you have your favorite soul music.

“Black harem” location

6F 2-7-22 Makishi, Naha, Okinawa

It is immediate from monorail “Makishi Station”.

phone number 098-866-8912
Reservation availability
business hours21:00~06:00
Regular holidayOpen all day

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